a hand for the future


Today's world speaks to us of sustainability: there are many challenges in store for us and future generations, to whom we have a great responsibility, are asking us to make the world a better place. We have defined 3 pillars to respond to these challenges and provide our contribution.

look to the future

Towards 2030

look to the future

Towards 2030

We want to look to the future with the commitment of taking care of our land and a determination to preserve its precious fruits for future generations.

Respect for the environment is the best investment we can make to preserve and pass down our values, remaining true to our commitment to never take anything away from nature or the land.

In defining the horizons for 2030, not only have we rethought our operativeness, we have also identified actions that contribute towards a far-reaching and profound cultural change. We want to provide a superior quality and unmistakably flavoured product that is good for the health of all our consumers in Italy and the rest of the world, generating value for the entire Italian olive farming chain. We are passionate about extra virgin olive oil, which is why we want to make it everyone’s heritage.



MONINI nominated by SOLE 24 ORE and Statista

Leader of Sustainability

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