Ours is an all-Italian history, rooted in tradition and quality. One set in the beautiful hills of Umbria, caressed by the mild Mediterranean climate, a natural haven for the production of extra virgin olive oil with an intense and balanced flavour.


For over 100 years we have been passing our olive oil-making expertise from father to son to achieve a unique and unmistakable balance of flavours that is neither too delicate nor too strong. In the 50s our foresightedness inspired a successful idea: we introduced the first glass bottles to sell olive oil in an unprecedented way.


The years that followed took us along a path of changes, challenges and victories, as the company helm was passed down a total of three generations of the family.



155 million
euros, turnover in 2020
staff members in Italy and abroad
revenue generated by Monini brand products
35 million
litres produced in 2020
of turnover generated abroad in 2020
revenue generated by extra virgin olive oil
owned by the Monini family
countries in which Monini is distributed
27 hectares of olive groves
dedicated to extra virgin research and culture

Over the years we grew to become more structured and modernised, while maintaining and protecting the sacrality of a unique product full of natural goodness, a symbol of peace, a source of well-being and an ally of beauty.


We like to describe Monini as a high-quality family company that has succeeded in preserving a unique ability to select the best extra virgin olive oils, passed down from father to son. For three generations, our guiding light has been the passion with which we strive to create an unmistakeable flavour; the fruit of careful and patient work.



We have a plan for tomorrow: A Hand for the Future is the tool through which we have sought to understand the main challenges that lie ahead for us, in building a more sustainable, fair and mindful future.


With each challenge, we will share our vision for 2030 and the actions we have implemented to make it a reality. The Plan aims to define a common ground on sustainability and is the result of a strategy shared by our entire company management.


A Hand for the Future

We created a special logo for the activities we will pursue over the next 10 years, to clearly communicate and convey the values and contents of our 2030 Sustainability Plan.

We have reinterpreted our historic hand pressing olives, turning it into a hand holding up a tree. A new perspective that conveys the active role we aim to play, a sense of the social responsibility we feel it is our duty to embrace, and our determination to care for the environment. A clear and immediate image featuring both the world, symbolising the environment and society, and the olive branch, the origin and essence of Monini.

The claim “A Hand for the Future” accompanies the logo and declares the aim of this great project: a hand for a better future.

The olive branch
Our essence and natural identity. A symbol of nature and its richness.
The world
Represents all the "recipients" of our mission and all that we wish to protect for a better.
The claim
A hand for a better future; the aim of our sustainability plan.
The Monini hand
Our industriousness, our offering of social and environmental responsibility.
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